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Car setup Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

After you have installed the best components for the upcoming race it is time to finetune your car setup. 

Setup and free practice

Open the setup screen to adjust your car settings to the current race track.

You can adjust your car’s Front wing, Rear wing, Balance and Suspension.

To find the perfect setting for the current race track, you have to send your driver into free practice. During practice your driver will pay close attention to your car’s performance and give you feedback on how to adjust the settings for a perfect performance.

Using different tyres during practice also gives you feedback on how many rounds on the track each tyre type will hold up for. This lets you decide on the perfect pit stop strategy.

After the first practice race is done your driver will provide you with 3 different suggestions about your car setup. Based on his feedback you can now start adjusting the setup until the driver is happy with the setup.

You can use the analysis tab to look through the practice rounds and find the perfect setting.

It might take a few practice rounds until your car is perfectly setup, but it is worth it. Your final lap time will be a lot better this way.

Careful: If you replace ANY of your components you should keep your setup in mind. Unless you are replacing a component with the exact same one (due to wear most likely), you will have to adjust the setup even if the track did not change!

Now that your car has been fully adjusted, it is time to set your racing strategy!

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