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There are 9 different car components in 3 categories, plus tyres. Each component has a unique effect on your car and how it behaves during your races.


  • Wing
  • Bodywork (from race class Advanced)
  • Airbox (from race class Pro)


  • Suspension
  • Brakes (from Advanced)
  • Steering (from Pro) 


  • Engine
  • Gearbox (from Advanced)
  • KERS (from Pro)

Influence of components

Components define your car, the higher the tier of the installed components, the better your car will perform in races.

Each component increases 3 or 4 of the 6 attributes of your car. Which attributes are affected depends on the component type.

Each component has a unique makeup of how the bonuses are weight. For example: there are 2 different Tier 6 wings that can be produced. One of them gives a high bonus to top speed and handling, and a small bonus for corner speed. The other one gives a high bonus on corner speed and lower bonuses for top speed and handling.

Which component is “better” depends on which track you are racing on, so it is a good idea to produce both kinds and decide which one to use based on the race you are driving. On high speed tracks you should use components that increase you top speed, while components that increase corner speed should be used for tracks with many turns.


During use components wear down, the condition bar shows the state of each part.

Worn parts have lower attribute values, and the overall performance of your car goes down.

The attribute graph below the car shows the values for the car with the shown components installed, including the penalties for below perfect condition.

The lower the condition of a part, the higher is the chance of the part failing and the car breaking down during a race.

Hint: You can not start a race with any components with below 10% condition.

Producing components

To beat your competitors you will need to produce best available components. Open the production menu to begin producing components. You can have up to 5 production lines. You start with just one production line, the additional production lines need to be researched (link to research).

The higher the Tier of a component, the longer it takes to produce, so being able to work on several parts at the same time becomes important quickly.

The production menu is split into the three different component types, with the lowest Tier items starting on the bottom.

Below the production menu you see how many items of each component you currently have in store. You can store up to 10 components of each type at a time (for example up to 10 engines), plus the ones that are installed on your car(s).

Hint: You can not begin producing any more items when your storage is full, but if you get components in the mystery box, they are not lost. The absolute maximum is 20 items per component kind.

Select an item to get specifics on the effect it gives. You will see the specific attribute effects, production time and cost, as well as the currently owned items of the same kind, including the ones mounted on your cars.

A timer shows the production time remaining. Once the item is completed you can collect it and you can produce another item.

If you don’t want to wait, you can finish the production for a few STARS by clicking on the lighting bolt.

As you progress in your career, more construction plans are unlocked which means that better components can be produced.

Equipping components

To mount components to your car(s), you need to go to your garage. When you open your garage, you see your car with the components currently equipped. Below the car you see all stats including condition and total Performance points. Each component also has a condition bar, so it is easy to see which parts need to be replaced now or in the near future. 

Select any of your components to get more information, and to upgrade, recycle or replace it.

The stats for the currently mounted component show on the right side, and below you see all stored components of the same kind. When you select one of the components from the list, the difference to the current component is shown in the stats.

You can also see the total effect on the car in the car overview.

Click on “mount” to replace the current component with the selected one.

Recycling and upgrading components

Once a component is below usable condition (or, when you don’t need it anymore because you have better ones available) you should consider recycling it.

You can recycle any component that is not mounted on your car. Simply select it in the list and click on the recycle button. You receive credits for the recycled components.

To give your component, and with that the complete car, a special boost, you can upgrade components. Each component can be upgraded once, and when upgraded the attributes are significantly improved.

Hint: With upgrades you can get components that are better than the components you could regularly produce at your current level. And as an upgrade always brings the condition back to 100%, you can basically double the usage time of a component.

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