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There are two types of tyres, dry weather and rainy weather tyres. Which type is used depends on the weather during each race.

For dry weather, soft and hard tyres are the best choice, with soft tyres your car is a little bit faster but you will need to replace them more often. For wet roads, intermediate or rain tyres are preferable because soft and hard tyres won’t have enough grip on a wet road.

Temperature is also an important factor. The higher the temperature, the higher the tyre wearout, this goes for all tyre types but particularly for soft tyres this has big impact.
This means that tyres need to be changed more often during hot weather, so you might have to plan for additional pit stops.

Several different tyres are available for each type, wtih different values for grip and durability.

To purchase more tyres, go to the strategy menu and select one of your tyres in the pit stop menu. Then open the shop by clicking on the shopping cart.

You will receive free tyres at many points during the game as well.

Hint: There are two special tyres with better stats, one for either weather. Those tyres can be purchased with research points, or they can be found in the mystery toolbox.

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